Office remodelling can be as invasive as you like? You can rip out and fit out. Or you can simply breathe a little bit of life into your existing workspace. We are here to collaborate and consolidate your ideas with our experience. Not every office needs to be completely erased from all memory and we know that not everyone’s budget can provide this. There are many levels of fit out that can be planned and project managed by ourselves. It’s up to us to consult with you and find out what meets your needs.

There are many industries that we work along-side and the office space that they all require is different depending on the business they commit too. The thing which they all have in common is that they all need comfort and suitability in their workspace. The better the work space, the more efficient and productive the space is.

Our planning team have sophisticated software to accurately survey your existing space and space plan every component down to the last table or lamp. Ergonomics and flow planning all affect the feel and look of your space. Some strategic consideration of colour also hugely changes the efficiency of how your office staff operate. We spend a huge amount of time in these environments, it’s crucial that we encourage efficiency and productivity. We plan your design and colour so that your work space is clean, calm and comfortable to operate in.